Hire an expert for your Web project

I can help your company to build your application or your website using the right tools. Each pages must be optimized, speed matter.

A lot of company use open sources software because it's open free and opened... Look at prestashop (or wordpress), a nice tool to manage your website. Nice but slow. How to optimize ? Changing hosting ? Buy a dedicated server ? Still slow in a dedicated server ? What can I do ?

Before choosing any cool new open source tool, look at performances first. Loading page within 1s~3s is very, very bad. A website should deliver web page under 10ms without any cache system enabled ! And less than 1ms with cache enabled !

How to optimize ?

Sometimes, adding cache or hosting to a more powerful server is a start.

Sometimes, using an another tool to manage your website is a solution.

Sometimes, you need a new tool from scratch.

You have a project ? A problem with a project ? Feel free to contact me for any suggestions, quotes, daily job.

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