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08/10/13 : soliCMS - A New Blazzing Fast CMS

We already started working on our new CMS soliCMS. It's a new free database CMS which focus on performances.

soliCMS is built ont top of G-WAN server and use for now a ruby script. We plan to refactor it in full C script

23/01/13 : Website Redesign

We are currently working on a new design for

23/01/13 : Playing with G-WAN

The latest G-WAN looks good. But actually we think it still not ready for Ruby (on Rails) applications. It worth if you need to speed up your website using C language.

23/01/13 : OVH Invoices Script

Here a simple Gist to get all OVH Invoices for a specific year at once
23/01/13 : Our Next Office View?

Well ... no !

andikyra from Olivier Bonnaure on Vimeo.