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19/08/14 : rethinkDB,

I really enjoy noSQL database, I usually play with mongoDB and Redis ! Those new noSQL databases looks very promising ! RethinkDB and are new noSQL databases engines. I need to test them first before releasing any production application.

MongoDB is very nice, but those new databases engines are more developer friendly. It's easy to scale, easy to shard ... I need to check if like mongoDB, data file the grow up ... and grow up ... which complicate maintenance !

Moving from one NoSQL database engine to an another one is sot so easy ... ORMs are not the same ...

08/10/13 : soliCMS - A New Blazzing Fast CMS

We already started working on our new CMS soliCMS. It's a new free database CMS which focus on performances.

soliCMS is built ont top of G-WAN server and use for now a ruby script. We plan to refactor it in full C script

23/01/13 : Website Redesign

We are currently working on a new design for

23/01/13 : Playing with G-WAN

The latest G-WAN looks good. But actually we think it still not ready for Ruby (on Rails) applications. It worth if you need to speed up your website using C language.

23/01/13 : OVH Invoices Script

Here a simple Gist to get all OVH Invoices for a specific year at once
23/01/13 : Our Next Office View?

Well ... no !

andikyra from Olivier Bonnaure on Vimeo.